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I help strong, successful women identify and manage stress by creating healthy, sustainable habits.

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I work with individuals, groups, and companies to identify health goals and customize a strategy to reach these goals. I’ll partner with you to develop a strategy that’s right for you and hold you accountable to your word.


I do not prescribe supplements and I do know supplements may be beneficial to support your health. Your supplement needs are a conversation you should discuss with your physician. Once you’ve determined your needs, I offer a complete line of professional grade supplements for purchase at preferred pricing and often free shipping with a minimum purchase.  This is the safest source of professional-grade supplements I’ve found. 

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Vivian spent 30 years in the finance and business world before discovering her calling to become a coach.  She began her private coaching career in 2015 and has been coaching under her business name 101010 Coach LLC.  She primarily coaches groups and individual women in lifestyle changes to improve their health.  In 2022, she received her Mental Health Coach certification, and found the practices are similar.  Vivian feels her best when she is mentoring others to succeed.


Vivian resides with her husband of 40 years, Dave.  They have resided in Berea for over 35 years and love the community and proximity to the MetroParks.  Born and raised in Cleveland, they are hoping to relocate at retirement to a warmer climate.  They enjoy time spent on the lake and their darling 4 year old grandson, Enzo.



Vivian has been an active member of Christ Church for over 10 years and participants in many ministries including the women’s wellness ministry.  Her spiritual gifts of Service, Exhortation and Faith empower her to serve as an effective, compassionate coach.



We all need support and a little push out of our comfort zone in order to make our necessary changes. Vivian does it gently but consistently to help you reach your goal. She WILL keep you accountable..and accepts NO excuses. Some of us need that!! Love her recipes-easy and tasty!

Pam K.

Berea, OH



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