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I Went 7 Days Eating Only Vegetables And Fruits: Here's What Happened

I just went an entire week eating ONLY fruits and vegetables. No meat, dairy, grains, caffeine, alcohol or anything else that isn’t a fruit or vegetable. I ate every two hours and ate until I was full or just tired of chewing. I also drank tons of water-I estimate 100 ounces or so each day with some sparkling water thrown in at dinner to make it feel special.

Here I am, a health coach, with 30 extra pounds, not sleeping well, and catching every cold and flu in town. Plus, my “fat” clothes were getting snug, so I was getting desperate!

My friend, Anne, suggested the Shaklee Prove-It Challenge. The challenge promises to radically change the way you feel, and I needed radical change!! This 7-day cleanse is the first step in the program. For seven days you eat nothing but fruit and vegetables and water while taking specific supplements to support liver and digestive health. I can do anything for 7 days, right??

THE GOOD: I started the day before prepping my kitchen and mind to succeed. I do believe this is the key to success when faced with this type of challenge and I like cooking and meal prep, so this wasn’t difficult for me. I pulled together a big tray of roasted vegetables, baggies full of raw vegetables and a pan of baked apples. Enough for at least three days knowing I would have to do some more work mid-week. I also had a light schedule for the week so working meals into my schedule wasn’t difficult. The best part is I was able to eat every two hours and eat as much as I needed until I was satisfied. Surprising, when you are eating vegetables, YOU GET tired of chewing before you feel full.

THE BAD: I did miss having something salty and crunchy like nuts or crackers. I also found myself waking several times at night to pee with all the water I was drinking. The supplements were a bit challenging for me until I found I could chew some of them with a piece of fruit making them easier to swallow.

In the end I felt like I had made a major accomplishment! I lost 3 pounds and 8 inches of inflammation total off my chest, waist and hips. I feel like that is significant progress after just one week. I did not feel deprived at all and was able to find plenty of things to eat. The prep day made it easy to whip up a meal in a hurry. I was surprised how much vegetables filled me up and will continue to increase my vegetable intake ongoing. I was also surprised that I did not miss caffeine, sugar or alcohol.

Going forward, I will stick with the plan which includes a shake in the morning along with a strip of vitamins for the next three weeks. I’ll continue to eat delicious vegetables and fruit and stay away from the sugar, dairy, alcohol and caffeine for at least 30 days.

Do you feel like you need a radical change? Is this the right plan for you? It depends. Let’s get together and talk about your individual needs. Schedule your free 30-minute consultation today.

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